Exchange & Refund


1. In General

Returns are only valid for 3×24 hours after the item is received. Products must be shipped in full condition and in a box / plastic packaging complete with related accessories and our labels. The product is not damaged and dirty. The item remains your responsibility until it arrives in our warehouse.

2. Products Description

Please read the product description carefully because does not accept the return of the item for refund if the item turns out to have a problem with size (small / oversized). Size information is stated in the “Product Information” item on the website.

Following are the procedures for exchanging goods: You can send goods to our warehouse at

Jl. Kalibata Utara II No. 14B, Kalibata, Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan, 12740

3. Replacement

For items you want to exchange you can order again as usual on our web. Regarding payment, we will provide a voucher for the price of the item that is purchased and wants to be exchanged.

Example: Buying item A for 150,000 wants to be exchanged for item B for 175,000, the difference paid is 25,000 + postage.

However, the voucher is valid for the price of goods that are equal to or greater than the price of goods that are bought and want to be exchanged. Example: Item A 150,000 is exchanged for Item B. Item B must be 150,000 or greater.

We will send you a voucher code within 1-2 days after we receive the item you want to exchange. The voucher is valid for 2 months.

4. Product Exchange

You can apply for refund with other items if:

  • Goods do not match the information in the product description.
  • There is an indication that the item you received is an item that is not genuine and you have proof that the item is not authentic.
  • You already paid for items that have been sold / sold out

5. Processing Time

Refunds and returns will be made maximum 14 working days after we have received the returned items.
Returns can only be done 1x, if the returned item has been received, you are not allowed to return the item back. will only bear the costs of returns if an error occurs on our part.